Been a long while . . .

Since I’ve done anything with blogging and pages at all, so it was good that a took a little break to meditate.

I know it sound cliche’d, but I feel completely well rested . . .

…well, rested enough to finish up a page or two of designing, I guess.

2018/09/01 – Daily Fitness Log


I plan on going through all of my routine.  I should have done better today at recording everything, but I’m going to cut myself a bit of slack when it comes to recording today, since I’m still not sure the sort of metrics I’d like to track.

Darren and I ran together today, a slow 5k.  It’s pretty cool, we are planning on running around a butte.  I’m sure that doesn’t sound exciting to anyone, but it’s pretty exciting to us, since we came from a land of Hank Hills (no buttes?).

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to learn web design since I would hope it is a skill set I can pick up, and part of that is going to be adding widgets to my fitness trackers.  Which is going to be thinking about privacy and all this other shit.

Anyway, I got in a very slow 3 mile run today.  I’m hoping for better things.

I did a few sun salutations.

And, I’m still adhering to my IF of 16 / 8.  I seem to be acclimating to it better.


I’m sure I will refine how I record all this.  I just ask for a bit of patience (and reassurance that I’ll make sure I backfill all logs to 9/1)