About This Page

There are going to be spoilers all over this page.  I won’t put any in this introduction, but I would click immediately away if you don’t want to have the ending of any of Lynch’s works possibly spoiled for you.   I will be sure to add tags to indicate what movies, television, and books I’ll be spoiling for you the best that I can, but you’ve been warned.  This isn’t going to be a straight up analysis of Twin Peaks or some of the related works of David Lynch or Mark Frost, and it’s not going to be a straight up recap of the series, either.  There are far better writers and analysts to have written about such things, and should you want a good list of places to start feel free to shoot me an email.  I might talk about symbolism, but I don’t want to try and say I’ll be either definitive or complete because it’s not in my interests to necessarily do so — there are far more talented and knowledgeable artists out there that could help with such an endeavor.

As I start down this path, I really see Twin Peaks overall as a love letter to meditation.  I think this is mainly driven by my ideas of what the symbolism and structure of The Return was attempting to say overall, and I sort of want to ‘test’ the hypothesis by watching the entire run over again, week by week.  I might add in some other media, since I do tend to be inquisitive (before sitting down to attempt to write this, I’ve started re watching pieces of Lynch’s oeuvre, in addition to exploring auteurs who have influenced his work).  A large amount of the work here I plan to write while I re-watch a series I adore by a director I love (in other words, I’m very biased).  As with other authors who write blogs about Twin Peaks, I was lucky enough to have the series land into my lap when I was an impressionable age.   As with other blogs exploring Twin Peaks, it will split its time between what is on the screen, the sounds in the air, and shadows my very own psyche.

With that said, much of what I enjoy about David Lynch’s works is that the amount of introspection that they bring to me.  I don’t have merely one interpretation that I adhere to, but many, depending on the sort of year / month / day I might be having.   My interpretation of the work is as much because of the work as it is because of me.  If you aren’t comfortable with having someone talk through several different possible theories and scenarios or interpretations, then perhaps this isn’t for you.